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#Shut by Cory the Creative, 2019, Framed Print, 20" x 26"

#Shut by Cory the Creative, 2019, Framed Print, 20" x 26"

Cory Scroggins aka Cory The Creative is a 31  Year old artist based out of Indiana . From poring

Murals to skateboards Cory’s art is filled with bright colors and bold lines that help create his kooky style  . He uses acrylics to paint on objects such as old skateboards by Mixing colors and layering them to gives way to An 3d like affect.  With his passion for skateboarding and art Cory ties both worlds together we to share his kooky creations .

  • Art for a Cause

    The artists will give a percentage of every sale to:

    • Zoe Empowers - Empowering Orphans i Rwanda
    • Shecker Foundation - To support great causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes.
    • Skate Free FL - Helping to build FREE skate spots in South Florida
    • Local Skate Camp Scholarship Fund - To provide a way for youth to attend summer skate camp or Surf Skate Science programs who would otherwise be unable to attend.
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