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Beyond bucks: 10 ways to make a difference

Five Ways you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2018

1. Invest in someone younger than you: Encourage them, share a talent you have, take them to lunch, help them with their homework, take them to the skatepark, ...

2. Give back to your community: Grab some friends and clean up a local skatepark, help clean up a local non-profit, do a toy drive for your local children's hospital, collect art supplies or music instruments for your local school, ...

3. Be kind: A simple encouraging word goes a love way!

4. Visit the Elderly: Many of our elderly are often alone and feel forgotten. Take a minute to visit your elderly neighbors or a local nursing home. We have so much to learn from those older and wiser than us!

5. Feed the hungry: Grab some friends, make some sandwiches, grab your boards and skate down to feed your local homeless community. Ask their names and get to know them. The poor and homeless often feel unvalued and faceless. Together we can help make a change.

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